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Our renowned brand Chili Jewels® stands for the modern fusion of two great traditions in jewelry creation: Fine German design and skilled craftsmanship from Asia.

Our one of a kind pieces and limited series of pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings highlight the special gem materials our designers love to use: unusual stones, crystals, fossils and artistically cut gems are crafted to powerful and distinct pieces of jewelry which complement  the wearer’s individuality.

Chili Jewels®, the finest in silver and gem jewelry, can be found at leading jewelers and art galleries around the world. We welcome you to our showroom in Hunghom (Hong Kong) to choose from a wide selection of our latest designs. Due to the uniqueness of the gem materials used, we do not feature a catalogue.

We also offer setting services for freeform cut stones. And we can develop your own jewelry design lines. Please contact us.